Try Talking Ltd is a person centred counselling service established to provide support during life changing events that impact our identity and sense of who we are, potentially causing feelings of loss, instability and confusion.

Life changing events can be voluntary, such as changing your career, or they can also be unplanned, such as an injury that prevents you pursuing the sport you love, either way the change may take some getting used to.

The therapy offered by Try Talking will encourage you to talk about what you are going through, explore feelings, thoughts and reflect on behaviours that will hopefully enable you to process what has or is happening and help you adjust.

Try Talking believe dealing with life changing events to be a personal process and whether planned or not it may take a concerted effort to come to terms with. As a result the counselling session content will be led by you and Try Talking will offer a confidential and supportive relationship within which you can trust and feel safe.

Try Talking aims to support you through your process of change to the point at which you feel stable, confident and most importantly, yourself.

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partnership opportunities

Try Talking offers partnership opportunities to sporting organisations and businesses in order to provide mental health support through counselling to members and employees.

Partnerships can take different forms from simply endorsing the Try Talking service to running clinics from partner facilities so the service is more readily available to potential clients.

Partnerships don’t prevent self-funded client options and can also include discounts for members or employees or employer funded package.

To find out more about Try Talking about partnership opportunities please click here or contact