talk family

We can choose our friends but we can’t choose our family is how the saying goes, but whether we’ve chosen them or been born into them we can all experience difficulties in relationships.

Our families and friends often help define who we are and we aspire to maintain a feeling of belonging and security so that we can be ourselves with unconditional support. In reality there are circumstances that can rock this stable foundation or prevent this aspiration coming to fruition.

When things aren’t going well at home or are going so well time is dominated by family life, it can be unsettling and can impact careers, finances and other aspirations. It’s important to achieve a sense of control, feeling of confidence and security as soon as possible before the circumstances become irreparable.

Having someone independent from family, colleagues and friends to talk to, may help in the process of dealing with family and relationship issues.

Try Talking counselling is here to help you cope in preparation to changing roles such as becoming first time parents, during decision making periods or once things have changed and you are re-establishing yourself.

Try Talking offer support for family and relationship issues in a number of ways;

  • Working with individuals on a one to one basis
  • Working with couples on a two to one basis

If the family life or relationships are becoming difficult to cope with, don’t struggle alone, Talk Family.

Counselling fees are £50 per session, there are discounts available for block booking of 6 sessions or more.

Counselling sessions are 50 minutes and are typically arranged for weekly or fortnightly appointments.