The Try Talking commitment: Counsellors will provide safe and supportive environments for clients to explore feelings and concerns.

We will not judge and will not provide advice but will aim to empower clients to develop and progress.

We will always discuss the fees before booking appointments, to ensure clients are well informed.

We will endeavour to book appointments at a time and location most suitable for clients.

Confidentiality Confidentiality is really important within counselling and we are committed to that although we do want to explain a couple of exceptions:

  • If clients disclose that they or someone else is at risk, we will discuss this and may need to report it externally.
  • If clients disclose involvement or awareness of illegal activities such as acts of terrorism, we will need to report it externally.
Ethical Standards Try Talking Ltd counsellors are qualified to at least a PGDip Counselling and psychotherapy level unless agreement is reached with the clients/partner to support the development of trainee counsellors. Use of trainee counsellors will be reflected in the fees charged to self-funded clients or partner funded sessions.

We are members of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy and adhere to their ethical framework. These standards are available at

To maintain ethical standards as counsellors we receive supervision from qualified counselling supervisors.

Managing sessions Counselling sessions are 50 minutes long. We will endeavour to start and finish sessions on time.

Sessions will be scheduled on a weekly or fortnightly basis; the regularity of sessions is an important aspect of establishing a successful therapeutic relationship.

If at any point clients cannot attend an appointment or need to change appointment contact Shelly on 07773062404 or

Unfortunately appointments cancelled within 24hrs of anticipated attendance will be charged, as costs will have been incurred and alternative clients cannot be scheduled.

Data protection Client personal details will not be shared and will be managed in accordance with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) 2016.

Supervision requires discussion of client context but in no circumstances will personal identifiable data be shared.

If as a counsellors we undertake further education or professional development including client case work, this will only be possible with client consent and signature.

Insurance Try Talking Ltd holds a valid insurance certificate covering:

  • Malpractice / Professional Liability
  • Public Liability
  • Products Liability

Self-funded clients

Client agreements

During the first session the counsellor and the client will go through the Client Agreement where all the relevant terms and conditions are discussed to ensure client comprehension.

This client agreement will then require a signature from the client in order to proceed.

Session fees and payments

All clients will have been informed of the fees involved before the first session.

Clients may be able to access a session discount by committing to booking 6 sessions, this will be discussed and agreed in advance.

Payments for sessions will be made in cash during the session or via BACS in advance.

Cancellation fees will be invoiced, distributed by email and payments anticipated with 5 working days.

Try Talking partnerships

Partnership agreements

There are a number of Try Talking Partnership approaches but all will be negotiated and agreed in advance of services being delivered.

Partnership agreements will be documented and signed by Try Talking Ltd Director Shelley Maddocks and a nominated financial authority and signatory within partnership organisations.

Session fees and payments

Where partnership agreements are in place clear session fee responsibilities will be defined. For example, partners may:

  • Pay for sessions on behalf of clients(members)
  • Subsidise session fees for clients (members)
  • Facilitate a discounted session fee for clients (members) due to advertising and clinichosting

Where payment is due, partners will be invoiced on a monthly basis for services provided in the prior month. Invoices will be distributed via email to the nominated financial authority and payments anticipated within 30 days.

Complaints or terms and condition queries

If for any reason you are unhappy with the service received please email