talk grief

We all have significant people in our lives, whether we spend a lot of time with them or the limited time we do have with them is quality time, therefore experiencing the death of someone we love can be devastating.

People often ask about the process of grief and when they will feel better, but in reality the feeling of loss is unique to each of us and the specifics of the relationship no longer available.

With the death of significant family member other anxieties and changes can arise, such as living arrangements, finances and returning to work following periods providing care. All of which can be life changing and hard to tackle without the one person you would have previously talked to.

Try Talking counselling aims to be there as a companion through your personal experience of grief, as you explore the relationship lost or re-build your life under new circumstances.

If the death of someone significant has left you at a loss, emotional, angry or lonely, don’t struggle alone, Talk Grief.

Counselling fees are £50 per session, there are discounts available for block booking of 6 sessions or more.

Counselling sessions are 50 minutes and are typically arranged for weekly or fortnightly appointments.