talk retirement

Having a job or a profession gives us a purpose that helps us feel valued, capable and confident in our abilities. It’s no surprise then that giving up that role for whatever reason; retirement, redundancy or other personal commitments, may impact our psychological health.

Whether retirement age has been reached or finishing work has been forced, the feeling of loss can cause isolation, depression and sense of being out of control. Having someone independent from family, colleagues and friends to talk to, may help in the process of coming to terms with new circumstances.

Try Talking counselling is here to help you through this process in preparation to ease your transition, during a decision making period or once you have retired and you are rebuilding.

If getting up each day to go to work makes you who you are, don’t struggle to cope alone with the impact of not being able to work anymore, Talk Retirement.

Counselling fees are £50 per session, there are discounts available for block booking of 6 sessions or more.

Counselling sessions are 50 minutes and are typically arranged for weekly or fortnightly appointments

Employer partnerships

Try Talking Ltd continues to look for ways to encourage people and to invest in their mental health during their working life or in preparation for retirement. We are looking to partner with organisations to bring the Try Talking counselling to more people.

Whether it is the endorsement of our service and signposting of employees towards our support, to agreements to run clinics from your facilities, Try Talking Ltd are keen to discuss options.

As managers we have a responsibility to empathise, support and encourage positive mental health performance as well as physical health performance, but the stigma remains and it will be stopping some of your employees seeking support today.

Together with Try Talking Ltd we can fight the stigma and ensure all of your employees are getting the support they need and reaching their potential. Click here to find out more about the Try Talking Partnership options.